How do we work for a contact center in 2023? ~Seminar Report~   

There was one of the biggest events in the contact center industry called the “Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference 2022 in Tokyo” held on November 10th and 11th in Ikebukuro. We would like to introduce the seminar we held there, titled “A Day in the Contact Center: What It Will Be Like in 2023! The State of the Next Generation Contact Center Which the Latest CRM Will Bring to You.”

Here we go!

What is CRM in a contact center?

As you may know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. With CRM, not only can you share customer information among operators, but you can also provide high-quality services and support by centrally managing response history and inquiry content.

3 essentials for a next-generation contact center

1. Location Independence

“Location independence” means teleworking. Many companies in the contact center industry have implemented teleworking, and a teleworking environment will continue to be necessary even after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because…

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Metrics

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) contains metrics on how a business will continue to operate during an unplanned disruption in service. It includes contingencies for business processes, assets, human resources, and business partners – every aspect of the business that might be affected. Given the many disasters that have occurred, such as COVID-19, flood damage, wind damage, and earthquakes, it is crucial to prepare for emergencies to manage a contact center.

Challenges of Teleworking & Contact Centers

One of the biggest challenges of teleworking in a contact center is the difficulty of answering phone calls in real-time. According to some investigations, 56% of contact centers have implemented teleworking during COVID-19, but most of it seems to be non-voice channels, such as emails. This is not enough to meet the requirements of teleworking or BCP. What is needed is to handle all channels, including phone calls, web, social media, chat, and more, through teleworking.

2. Omnichannel

“Omnichannel” is a term used in eCommerce and retail to describe a business strategy that aims to provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels, including in-store, mobile, and online. This means that omnichannel could be the final stronghold for both customers and contact centers because it enables businesses to identify and address customers’ issues, troubles, and requirements at every point in their buying journey across multiple channels.


Customer experience (CX) refers to how business engages with its customers at every point of their buying journey—from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. This is not just a set of actions. It also focuses on feelings. How do our customers or prospective customers feel about our brand? At every customer touchpoint, we can improve—or destroy—how our customers feel about us. So there are important decisions to make at each touchpoint, and those decisions influence how successful our business will be as a result.

Contact management

We definitely must deal with a smart phone, a tablet device and a smart watch in a contact center these days.
Here is what we can expect to manage centrally by CRM:

●Omnichannel communication is integrated into one platform, so operators only need to access one program, and they can view all information needed for a specific customer.
●Because this method is more convenient and streamlined than a traditional contact center, operators can resolve customer queries quickly and effectively. This improves employee productivity and reduces customer frustration.
●If we keep your customers happy, they won’t respond aggressively towards our company and customer experience professionals.
●Happier customers mean employees won’t have to constantly deal with negative calls. This will reduce employee stress and increase job satisfaction

3. Date about contact centers

Management issues of contact centers

There were some researches about issues of contact center management. It showed us it would be the main issues to solve increase productivity and improvement of quality such as receiving & processing or also post-processing.

Employment situation in a contact center

According to a fact-finding survey, the employment situation from 2019 to 2021 had seemed stable, however, some people say it would not last after 2022.
Because many people will choose jobs that they are able to work from home due to several infection risks.
In fact, there seems 2 times difference in the number of applicants if they are allowed to work from home or not.


More than 80% of young people answered that teleworking had been already common sense. They take it for granted these days.


So we would like to introduce you our product “DeCall CC.CRM”.

This is made to support a contact center based on these three keywords.

Location Independence

You can feel as if you were in a contact center while working from home by combining CRM and a virtual office. Therefore, it is obvious for everyone to see who is where, who is doing what and where a manager is through the sheet map function in DeCall CC.CRM.
This is already cleared security issues, too. Because it is equipped two-factor authentication at login, display restriction of customer information and screen recording.


DeCall CC.CRM deals with Omnichannel and it can accept all inquiries from all channels.
It centrally manages customer information and records that they inquired before, thus, it doesn’t matter even if they used different channels from the last time or different staff took care of them.


DeCall CC.CRM has many useful functions for operators to perform contact center operations.
For example, talk script will show you the best answer when you serve customers or RPA will be useful for input assistance. And we are pleased to show you the demonstration movie about automatic speech recognition(Japanese).

DeCall CC.CRM also has raise hand function to ask for help or it is possible to have Zoom conference to follow up.


We introduced 3 key words that will be needed for a contact center, Location Independence/ Omnichannel and Automation. DeCall CC.CRM deals with these 3 keys. What’s more, you can combine it with other products from other companies so as to improve productivity and efficiency, which will make a better contact center.
We promise we suggest the most suitable service for our clients.

Please check our seminar on Youtube (Japanese).

Thank you for reading. We’d be grateful if you were interested in our product, Décor CC.CRM.


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